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Conversion Table
square meters to square feet
1 square meters = 10.76 square feet
2 square meters = 21.52 square feet
3 square meters = 32.29 square feet
4 square meters = 43.05 square feet
1/2 square meters = 5.38 square feet
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What make us different from the competition?
Exellent quality cowhide rugs for Jobs in quantity as well to a specific size.
Cowhide Argentina has specialized workshops to perform custom work to any size and quantity for a demanding customer. Also to be working with retailers and wholesalers in cow skin rugs to satisfy special orders in small or industrial quantity, we can provide you with any number of cow rugs that you need for your shops.

Quality Cow Carpets
Outstanding, the best cowhide rugs for export that you can find around, thought in the acceptance of a very Demanding international market and our prices are very competitive too.
we do chromium tanning to our cow rugs, and we use the best products in the process, ending with a area rug cowhide that its smooth, flexible, shiny and almost addorles.
Thanks to our geographical location in northen argentina, we have available for sale a great diversity of cow breed, offering cowrug in a wide range of colors and sizes for home decor.

Own Cow Skin tannery
Cowhide Argentina has its own cow skin tannery, which allows us for the selection of the best cow hides to be used in the tanning process, obtaining that way top quality Cow rugs and cow carpets available to importers, wholesalers and for retail sale online also. We have available natural cowhide rugs, patchwork cowhide rugs, colored cowhide rugs and printed cowhide rugs

Own Steam Dryer 365 days a year
Our tannery has its own steam drying room giving a unique quality to the hair on cowhide rugs. The main advantage of the industrial steam drying its that give to the cowskin rug an Homogeneous dry, 24 hs a day avoiding the humidity that produce mildew and Physical deformations obtaining excellent area rug cowhide.

Budge according to your needs
We can offer the best market price. Wholesale and retail.
To request a quote fill up any of the order forms that are around our website, send it to us and we will get back to you with the answer.

We have many payment options
Western Union. (retail )
Credit card (For spanish only) (retail)
Payment in advance (export)
COD cash on delivery (export)
With a letter of credit. Bank financing – up to 90 days. (export)
International Shipping (Export)

We can delivery according to geographic location with our competitive rates that we agree on Depending if it’s by sea, land or air. In that way the freight will have a minimum impact in your Purchase.

International Payment (Export)
We have a comprehensive payment system in our export department to help you acquire our

Advance payment
The importer make a bank deposit on advance as agreed with the exporter

Letter of credit
It manages a loan between the importer and the bank. This payment system has a cost of 3%
On the sale. It can be extended up to 90 days.

Against delivery
Will export the hides with a nod of 30%, balance is payable upon receipt of the goods At destination.
The payment by the importer releases the merchandise to be removed from bonded warehouse. It manages a loan between the importer and the bank.
This payment system has a cost of 3% on sale. Its finance up to 90 days. The importer pays a bank deposit as agree with the exporter. | Santiago del Estero - Argentina | Contact Us
Skype: cowhideargentina | | Phone: 54-385- 4222374