Decorating Interiors With Patterned Rugs

Interior designs seem quite empty or even incomplete if there aren’t any details put in it. Details give the spirit of life to interiors, and it’s essential to achieve a non-sterile look in your interior designs to feel comfortable and warm during your stay in the particular room. 

There are plenty of ways how to ‘give life’ to your interiors and decorating with patterned rugs seems just like one of the most appropriate, most accessible, worldwide available and pretty much affordable decoration elements for all generations and tastes. The market has many different types of patterned rugs, but the intriguing question of the day is: how to decorate your rooms, using patterned rugs?

Using A Starting Point

The design process is based on forming triads. This unspoken rule is widely used in the area of architecture and interior design, too. The triads can be made of complementary or contrast colors, but the most important thing is to pick one essential solid color and two following colors that could complement the whole ‘design story.’ It’s always good to pick one particular color as a key point – white walls and ceiling, for example – a second color for the furniture pieces and the last color pick should be for the details. The good thing with patterned rugs is the fact that they can easily fit into many different ‘scenes’ – thanks to their chameleon-like nature. 

Patterned rugs are often a final compound product that carries multiple colors in their design, and it is known to be a real relief sometimes, especially when you aren’t very sure what kind of decor you need to put to complete the interior design. 

Breaking The Monotony

Interiors that have furniture pieces, flooring and walls in solid colors, give the picture of a smooth, clean, and compact room. But, there is something that it is missing, and you can feel that incompletion too while sitting in your white, minimalistic living room, drinking your coffee on a random lazy Sunday morning. 

To break the monotony and to add some bursting and vivid notes to your rooms, you can surely count on the patterned rugs – mainly because many different patterns are available and they cover nearly all contrasting  styles and tastes

Bathroom Beauty

Spending money on tile flooring that has a particular design itself is not always a smart investment – given the fact that trends last for a brief period and blindly following the newest and the most popular trends in design is not a very strong reason for spending our rainy-day money in a minute. 

Interiors should be invested in a way that they would last nearly a decade, so you better think twice before you purchase some patterned tiles for your new bathroom. A better solution for saving money – precious time and nerves – would be to choose some area rugs that have some catchy patterns. Not only that they would decorate and add life to your new bathroom, but they can also be easily replaced with new ones if the trends change in the near future.

So indeed, decorating your home with patterned rugs is a great idea! The whole thinking process would be a real pleasure and a real break from the monotony, which unfortunately nowadays takes part in our everyday lives.

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